Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Year in Review

This is what you do when you haven't blogged in a year and are getting back on the wagon. Enjoy!

Christmas 2008

January 2009

February: new family member, Chewey
Thinking about sleep?
March: Owen's 5th B-day

April: Cuddle time
May: Chow time
June: Sleepy time
July: Therapy time with Jeanine
August: First day of school
September: Hippotherapy (but really it's on a horse) with David
Who am I? Michael Jordan on a horse?
October: Surgery time
72 stitches...ouch!

After 29 days in the hospital, we're heading home!

So, there you have it. That's the Stier Year in Review.


E and T Macdonald said...

YEA!!! Heading home!! Cora looks so cute with the helmet on the horse. Really, why IS it called hippotherapy? Should be ponytherapy. ;)

Hey, the pix look great!! Welcome back to the blogging world. :)

Sorry I didn't get back to you... crazy weekend, my in-laws here, etc. I'll call tomorrow.

Cassi : ) said...

I love reading a good blog! So glad Cora gets to come home today! She looks great! Hope to see you guys soon! Happy Halloween, Stier family!!

Katie said...

Words cannot express how cute that little girl looks in a helmet! SO happy your family will be all back together at home! Belen is begging to see her cousins.. maybe the Andersens can do a CO trip this next year. Love you! and.. Thanks to Michelle for helping her sister get back on track!

Thorey said...

I'm so glad that Cora is going home! She looks really good, especially considering all that she's been through. I'm glad they didn't have to cut any of that beautiful hair (we're hoping Charlotte starts getting some of the stuff at some point this year)! Love you soooo much!!

Trena said...

Love the update! Cora with the helmet on is SO adorable! Such cutes pictures. And thanks to Michelle for motivating you to update! Keep it up!