Thursday, October 29, 2009

A few more pics

Yes, another update already. This is Michelle (Alicia's sister) and I had a few pics on my camera to add as well.

We did a little furniture moving and cleaning and here's the final product. Cora's therapy swing is the newest addition to the Stier household and according to Sam is "the best thing we've ever installed in this house."
Alicia's home-away-from-home the past few weeks:
Thanks Ronald.
This is Cora and I waiting for Alicia to check out of the Ronald McDonald House. She is ready to go home!
It was great to be able to see Cora again. Love you Stiers!

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Katie said...

Wow! Maybe Michelle should be the official updater of your blog. it's great! Also the living room looks great and I think any kid would be stoked to have a swing in the middle of their house! I foresee fights and acrobatics :)